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猴面 ☆ 魚便便

익명 회원 Asked:
you really have some kind of age complex haven't you? I always read things about your age on your blog. Why is that? your age always change too so it is really not stuck or non-changeable isn't that a good thing? ^^

My answer:

Sooo you’ve noticed huh… I don’t know honestly it should right? like you say it always change but i don’t know. It’s just the thing about being a number and all the things that comes along with the number.
Right now for example I can’t really sympathize with people my age, I am not very often bothered by not being able to buy my own beer/wine, People complaining about school but i don’t go to school anymore so .__. I like to collect porslain, knit and when i tell people my favourite show they say “oh my grandma watches that”
I’m kind of panicking it’ll be to late to do things i should be now later and….
I should stop talking. I must sound so ridiculous…

I am not even 20 yet, but i just freaked out over “soon” being 30.. Like. You have to be normal and kind of settled by then right?
I am so scared. Like… I’ll be 30 one day.
I’ll be….. One of them.



I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

So glad someone finally cleared this up.

You have a pretty low roof…
Yeah people usually think that but it’s actually the floor that’s high up.

I really don’t understand the hype of having brand clothes. . Yeah some are pretty but then ugly clothes are super expensive just because of an itchy label in the neck wtf?



I decided to post my pin up girl here and do a little tag for things I’ve drawn.

I am really sad and in pain right now so please someone give me ideas on what to do. Something to make a gif out of, something i should watch? something i should draw?
please <3


my mind is 3d insane




This video is for the kind dear that had issue with “LOOF” being on me and my friend’s Tshirts and decided to voice it on the Chicago FB concert page.

Please don’t come for me, unless I send for you. My email is in the info box if you would like to discuss further.

Oh look! A list of resources from thisisnotkorea and angryasiangirlsunited's blogs and the internet on why what you did is wrong. But please tell us more about how your degree in East Asian studies with a concentration in Korean language or the fact that you lived in Korea for almost a year (wow!) excuses you from perpetuating linguistic imperialism and just flat out being rude. Please tell us more about how your harmless joke/encouragement is not steeped in the degradation of Asians and all other people whose first language is not English. You don’t have to look at these links (i doubt you will anyway) but don’t sit behind a camera and try to play this off as “Omg kpop fans are so butthurt! This is just how we show love!” when there are living breathing people telling you that this is wrong and hurts them. 



Its extremely disrespectful to try and exotify and make fun of an idols english just because u think its ‘cute’ or a fun joke I don’t care how many degrees you have sis its not cool 




I dropped my soap like 4 times this morning in the shower I’m not cut out for prison

Do you ever feel like people don’t take you seriously when you’re upset, sad or angry for real because you’re usually happy around them?
because i do.
I can get upset too.

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